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Archive for March 2020

What if lockdown was like a round of golf??

We would be just coming to the end of the front 9 today and what an up and down round it has been!!!  Hole 1 – Monday 23rd March.  A brand new course for us to play (seems quite quiet out here, no one else is playing!!) A 3 ball of Sophie, James and I…

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Corona and our Golden Rules

This has been a very interesting week where we have had to press pause on our business as all schools close and government advice tells us to socially distance ourselves. We made the decision to pause all our activities as we were keen, as we are always, to maintain the safety of all children/adults that…

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Keeping score, so much more than competition

This week a number of sessions in schools and at our golf club sessions have involved the children keeping score. Always a firm favourite of theirs, and ours.  So often scoring is linked with competition and winning, but during our sessions in schools we have a number of different ways to introduce children to keeping…

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Children should carry their own golf bag (and school bag!!)

On the walk to school with my son I often see parents carrying their child’s school bag. It often prompts a conversation between us about why I don’t (and have never) carried his school bag!  It got me thinking, and I also regularly notice, how parents also carry their child’s golf bag (often see it…

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Holding a golf club like ringing a church bell?!?!

Lovely conversation with a teacher during a play day. She asked “do I need to show them how to hold it correctly?” A question we are often asked.  The answer I often give is “if you want to, but you don’t really need to”  Our play day experiences are about the children experiencing golf and…

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