Corona and our Golden Rules

This has been a very interesting week where we have had to press pause on our business as all schools close and government advice tells us to socially distance ourselves. We made the decision to pause all our activities as we were keen, as we are always, to maintain the safety of all children/adults that we come into contact with. It would seem at these uncertain times we should heed the advice from experts to look after ourselves and keep contact with others down to a very minimum. 

Being safe, sensible and fair are our golden rules during sessions and it would seem that these would be rules for everyone to follow over the coming weeks. 

In our house we also try and follow the rules of being kind, polite and grateful. 

And as we face extra time together as a family we will have lots of opportunities to demonstrate these qualities. 

So just BE…

Safe, sensible, fair, kind, polite and grateful. 

With this enforced time it will provide me with ample opportunity to do things that I would not normally be able to do when we are busy in schools. 

Just a few things I am looking to do;

Home and family come first, look after ourselves – eat well, exercise, talk, be together. Play with LEGO! 

Catch up with others – time allows me to connect with people I haven’t spoken to for a while, get in touch! 

What next with JOLF? A great time to review, reflect and critique what we offer and how we can develop. As it stands we do not know how long this will all last so when it we are able to return back to some normality, we will be ready!  

The list will grow and develop I am sure! Stay safe! 

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