I have started a podcast…

By Neil Plimmer | 19 January 2021

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Moulded Grips on Children’s Golf Clubs

By Neil Plimmer | 06 December 2020

I see these on children’s clubs on occasions. Do they work? Are they useful? Do they do more harm than good??? I have never been a fan of these for a number of reasons; the manufacturers make some bold claims in their marketing… “It helps develop a CORRECT swing” “9 iron with training grip has a specially moulded grip for the PROPER hand position. This is a great first club…

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4 years ago today we launched Brighton Junior Golf

By Neil Plimmer | 01 December 2020

4 years ago today Nevil and I launched Brighton Junior Golf and this holds very fond memories for us both. When milestones like this come along it always allows time to reflect and review where we have come from, where we are at and where we are going! Lockdown has given us plenty of extra time and space to do this! Designed, developed and launched in 2011 as a coaching…

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Children DO NOT cheat

By Neil Plimmer | 22 November 2020

Children DO NOT Cheat! “He cheated…” a child came running up to me and said during one of our whole school play days. I always find this split second of them waiting for me to take action fascinating, so many questions go through my mind; Why are they telling me this? What do they expect me to do? What are their thoughts on cheating? Have they ever cheated? Why are…

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“Look where your feet are pointing?”

By Neil Plimmer | 14 October 2020

“Look where your feet are pointing?” “Your feet were pointing exactly where the ball has gone” Can be heard on any course and driving range and so often from parents as they watch their children play. Before I begin I just want to add that on OCCASIONS it MAY be important that your feet are aligned with your body in the general direction of your intended target, but NOT always!!!…

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Constant Commentary

By Neil Plimmer | 04 October 2020

“Concentrate” “Remember your feet” “Watch the ball” “Brilliant shot, that’s the way to do it” “Slow down” “Not like that, do like you did before” “Keep your arms straight” “Hands together” “You can do better than that” All things that can be heard from parents (and coaches!!!) on any driving rage/practice ground during junior group sessions. And much the same that will be heard from the sides of football, hockey,…

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It is our birthday, we are 9 years old – this week we go into Year 5 of primary school…

By Neil Plimmer | 01 September 2020

This week JOLF is 9 years old. Which means we would be getting ready to enter year 5 of primary school!!! Like many 9 year olds we feel like we know a bit about everything but in all honesty we still have a LOT to learn! It has been, and continues to be, a journey with lots of twists and turns. Lockdown has provided us with the opportunity to pause,…

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Today we Launch our JOLF Club

By Neil Plimmer | 17 July 2020

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our JOLF Club. This has been in our thoughts for the last 18 months and lockdown has provided us with the opportunity to develop the idea.  During lockdown we have tried to use our time wisely and take stock of JOLF and all we offer across schools, in the community and at golf clubs.  It has been a very interesting process!  We…

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Kick start JOLF – What Next After Lockdown?

By Neil Plimmer | 01 July 2020

Looking back at the beginning of the 2020 and we were planning for a very busy summer term of golf in schools. We had numerous play days booked in and were looking forward to continuing our work of putting golf clubs in children’s hands for the first time and introducing them to the game of golf. We were focussed on our aim of connecting with schools and providing the children…

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The Struggle of Learning

By Neil Plimmer | 01 June 2020

“I will buy you some LEGO if you get to 10…” My son took the bait!!! Let the struggle begin!!! Over the weekend we have spent a lot of time in the garden with the beautiful weather we had. During lockdown we have left lots of bats, balls and equipment out in the garden to keep us engaged and active. My son picked up a skipping rope on Saturday evening…

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