It is our birthday, we are 9 years old – this week we go into Year 5 of primary school…

This week JOLF is 9 years old. Which means we would be getting ready to enter year 5 of primary school!!! Like many 9 year olds we feel like we know a bit about everything but in all honesty we still have a LOT to learn! It has been, and continues to be, a journey with lots of twists and turns. Lockdown has provided us with the opportunity to pause, review and reflect what is important to us and how we want to develop.

9 years ago this week we launched our JOLF coaching programme at Horsham Golf & Fitness, Sussex and Horne Park Golf Club, Surrey.  A committed group of coaches and trusting children and their families signed up for the first term and our journey started. Over the years we have connected with thousands of children, families and coaches at many different schools and golf clubs. We are beginning to understand and appreciate what the game of golf needs to look and feel like for children and families who are experiencing it for the first time.

Our focus as we enter our 9th year is to continue to work in schools and local community settings to provide children and their families with a positive first experience of golf. All of these people will then be able to join our newly formed JOLF Club. Our club is packed with many features and benefits for all family members with a focus on our on course family play experiences at golf clubs.  These experiences will provide access and opportunity to play on a golf course using our family friendly formats. We want families to enjoy spending time together and enjoy playing golf in the fresh air.

As we enter our 9th year the world around us seems slightly less certain than before but we are confident that golf will continue to offer families quality time together. And we are sure that we can offer everyone in schools, the local community and at golf clubs a COVID safe experience.

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