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What if lockdown was like a round of golf??

By Neil Plimmer | 31 March 2020

We would be just coming to the end of the front 9 today and what an up and down round it has been!!!  Hole 1 – Monday 23rd March.  A brand new course for us to play (seems quite quiet out here, no one else is playing!!) A 3 ball of Sophie, James and I confidently approach the tee after being entered into a competition that we know nothing about!…

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Corona and our Golden Rules

By Neil Plimmer | 22 March 2020

This has been a very interesting week where we have had to press pause on our business as all schools close and government advice tells us to socially distance ourselves. We made the decision to pause all our activities as we were keen, as we are always, to maintain the safety of all children/adults that we come into contact with. It would seem at these uncertain times we should heed…

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Keeping score, so much more than competition

By Neil Plimmer | 15 March 2020

This week a number of sessions in schools and at our golf club sessions have involved the children keeping score. Always a firm favourite of theirs, and ours.  So often scoring is linked with competition and winning, but during our sessions in schools we have a number of different ways to introduce children to keeping score. Interestingly seldom do the children talk about who wins!  Introducing scoring to children normally…

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Children should carry their own golf bag (and school bag!!)

By Neil Plimmer | 08 March 2020

On the walk to school with my son I often see parents carrying their child’s school bag. It often prompts a conversation between us about why I don’t (and have never) carried his school bag!  It got me thinking, and I also regularly notice, how parents also carry their child’s golf bag (often see it with cricket bags) More so when they go on the golf course but can also…

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Holding a golf club like ringing a church bell?!?!

By Neil Plimmer | 01 March 2020

Lovely conversation with a teacher during a play day. She asked “do I need to show them how to hold it correctly?” A question we are often asked.  The answer I often give is “if you want to, but you don’t really need to”  Our play day experiences are about the children experiencing golf and exploring the idea of moving the ball from point A (the tee) to point B…

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“I’m bored…”

By Neil Plimmer | 23 February 2020

End of the half term holidays and how often have you heard this said??? And how often do children talk about “being bored” and “this is boring”? I read this article this week with interest A few questions that came out of this article for me… Why do children say it? What do they actually mean? What do they want? What do they REALLY want? How do we, adults,…

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Going on the course, there is so much to know and remember!!!

By Neil Plimmer | 16 February 2020

Fascinating to go on the golf course yesterday with one of the children that attends our weekend sessions. He is old enough and mature enough to play unassisted on the course, but it was interesting to notice how many things he did not know and was unaware of. Just a few that I noticed; Where to put the tee peg when playing from a winter mat? Where are we aiming?…

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If in doubt, say “NOWT”!!!

By Neil Plimmer | 10 February 2020

This happened a little while ago now but its impact carries with me today. While coaching on a driving range I overheard a conversation between a child and parent while the child hit balls. I asked the person who I was coaching to excuse me for a short time so I could note down the conversation, it fascinated me; DAD Take your time… Head down… Knees bent… Don’t try and…

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Children need time and space…

By Neil Plimmer | 05 February 2020

A fascinating experience today in one of our JOLF PE sessions. A child took over 2 minutes to complete one of our challenges (we often ask children to have one turn and then swap over with their partner) it was a tricky challenge that asked her to chip a ball through a small hoop into a hoop. She would not give and was totally determined to complete the task (in…

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A child’s first golf club

By Neil Plimmer | 02 February 2020

A child’s* first golf club should be a driver and they should use 1 club for as long as possible. Why a driver??? We have a number of thoughts why… …it is the lightest club, so therefore will be easiest to move, control and swing fast. …it has the biggest face. …it is multi use. Use it from the ground, off a tee, you can putt with it. …hitting the…

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