We have been locked down for a LONG time!!! Unprecedented in modern life and unthinkable to consider at the beginning of the year as we looked to the summer months we would have spent the whole of April at home!!!

My mindset and motivation has taken many twists and turns over the weeks but I have been able to review and reflect on lots of different things.

We live our lives in such a rush in normal times and I feel we take time for granted. Lockdown has made me consider that time is a commodity that we take for granted. Is it our most undervalued commodity???

With this is mind I have been thinking (and I will continue to think)

  • There is always TIME to do things
  • Take TIME to figure things out. Review, reflect, critique, plan.
  • Things take TIME. There is no rush. Life is not a race.
  • There is always TIME to do NOTHING – be alone, be with others, be present, be bored.
  • Lose yourself in TIME. While away the hours!
  • Is TIME over planned? Over organised?

At the end of this period of lockdown I will certainly sense TIME is a different way, will you???

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