What if lockdown was a round a golf? We enter the back 9…

Hole 10 – Wednesday 1st April 

Well what a roller coaster of a hole! Our 4th member joined us from the clubhouse, the 3 ever present players were nervous of how this would upset all our routines!?! 2 of us took part in our usual on the tee exercising (PE with Joe) little man totally getting into the exercises today. It was a strange feeling on the tee as no one knew where to stand or what order we would play in. Once we had made a plan for the hole everyone was able to get their ball on the fairway. Our 4th player had to keep returning to the clubhouse to get equipment they had forgot to put in their bag, and spent much of their time working on their game and communicating with players on other courses! The same as one other player who connected with other players on other courses also, trying to get some insight into how other players were getting on. The hole turned out better than expected and everyone finished the hole nicely, with a diversion to the pro shop at the clubhouse to collect a few supplies for the between hole snacks! Interesting to speak with competitors from other courses who feel this competition may be like a major event and go on for 72 holes!!! Do we have the game I wonder???  

Hole 11 – Thursday 2nd April 

Every tee we step onto on this course looks the same!! But we are trying to make the best of each and every moment of this experience. We were at full strength all day as a 4 ball, everyone respecting each other’s right to make their own choices and do their own thing. Although we are playing the same game we all bring different mindsets and skills so it would seem only fair to let everyone play their own game. Not much exercising on the tee (one ran from one hole to another and he also did Joe! One took part in half of Joe and had to have a little rest afterwards!) little man was less keen to also work on his game as he played, so we left him to make his own choices (the correct decision as he felt better the more of the hole he played) The story of this hole was the injury that our fourth member got from yesterday’s hole. Moving from the clubhouse to the course did not suit their back, that certainly affected their game! As has become the norm on many of the holes on this course everyone finds their own best way to play the hole (some steadily hitting it down the fairway, some finding the rough, loosing balls in the tees and in water, and on occasions some complete meltdowns!) and then happily meeting each other on the green to finish the hole. As the hole finished one of the players linked in with a number of players from other courses, fascinated to hear how others are playing the game. We have a sense that this is going to a tournament that will be longer than 18 holes so we will continue on our fitness and helping each other with their game

Hole 12 – Friday 3rd April 

EVERY HOLE FEELS THE SAME!!!!! Some of players are beginning to mention the B word (BORING!!!) We all agreed that we are going to need to be more creative with how we approach each hole. The last hole of “official” learning for a couple of the players, we wonder how they will develop when “official” learning stops at the end of this hole? It may give them some extra freedom to express themselves? Time will tell! Again we were down to our last few bits of food in our golf bags so we had to be creative with how we fed ourselves down this hole. Everyone kept on the straight and narrow as they played, no lost balls, no shots in the rough or the hazards so a solid score for the 3 players. The next 2 holes will see us as a 4 ball again, how will everyone cope???

Hole 13 – Saturday 4th April 

Everyone was very relaxed on the tee as we waited to begin the hole. A note from the clubhouse told us that the food buggy would not now be coming round for a little while so we had to make a plan to get off the hole for a while and find some food that would see us through until the end of this round at least! 2 players waited on the tee and 2 went in search of food, they were a LONG time! Keeping away from other competitions from other courses was vital, they succeeded, and even bought back a few treats. This improved moral considerably and everyone played the hole brilliantly.  We were beginning to understand the course we were playing and the competition conditions.  

Hole 14 – Sunday 5th April 

What a chilled out hole this was! Everyone was swinging free and easy and everyone we all attempted came off! A rare thing when playing on course but maybe happens when people are in a good head space. If only every hole we played were like this? We even found the time to take a break between shots to catch some rays and even set up a BBQ at the end of the hole! Everyone’s games were improving each hole they played, everyone being more comfortable in themselves and with each other. As ever we all very aware that this could change at any moment!?! 

Hole 15 – Monday 6th April 

This holed seemed slightly more challenging as we stood on the tee, the routine (and external support) that we had all got into over the previous holes had now disappeared. We were on our own! How would we cope? One of our players decided to continue with the routine they had built up over the previous holes and continued with their learning. A couple of off centre hits from the tee, but no trouble found, and then steady shots to the green. Everyone seems to now understand their own games and know the best way to play each hole. The competition that we felt with others as we started the round now seems to have disappeared and we are all playing our own game. Learn as we go and improve ourselves the best we can, given the circumstances.

Hole 16 – Tuesday 7th April 

An easy looking hole that played very short, the sun was shining, everyone was aware of where their games were at and we were ready to play. All 3 players (our 4th is still in the clubhouse administering the competitions across a number of courses) hit a number of solid shots and we feel this was the best hole we have played on the course. Only a couple of holes left on the course but as the competition organiser is taken Ill we are unsure if there will be a play off. We will wait and see. Onwards to the final 3 holes…

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