Too Much/Too Many… Not Enough… Children Need…

TOO MUCH coaching. NOT ENOUGH self directed play and learning.

TOO MUCH guidance and adult led experiences. NOT ENOUGH struggle, making mistakes, getting things wrong, children figuring things out for themselves.

TOO MUCH technical input. NOT ENOUGH play and exploration developing skills and technique.

TOO MANY questions are asked of children that they do not understand and don’t know why they are being asked. NOT ENOUGH contextual experiences and learning, for example, more on course play.

TOO MANY adults that patronise children, always thinking they know better. NOT ENOUGH adults being the fellow learner, playing and learning alongside each other, children helping and supporting other children.

Children need more context and situational learning experiences (on course play)

Children need adults that understand how they play, engage and learn.

Children need more opportunities to play on course with less coaching and technical input.

Children need knowledge and experiences before “proper” technique.

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