Children should carry their own golf bag (and school bag!!)

On the walk to school with my son I often see parents carrying their child’s school bag. It often prompts a conversation between us about why I don’t (and have never) carried his school bag! 

It got me thinking, and I also regularly notice, how parents also carry their child’s golf bag (often see it with cricket bags) More so when they go on the golf course but can also be from the car to the clubhouse.

Why? It would seem from what I have observed parents take over all of the decision making processes that are so central to the game of golf. They carry the golf bag, organise the clubs, tee the ball up, choose the club, tell them where to aim and what to do, the only thing they are never able to do is hit the ball for them.

This comes back to an earlier blog “Let them…” and giving children as many opportunities as possible to think and make decisions for themselves. 

I like it when I see children carrying their own bag (not a massive fan of trollies but that is a discussion for another time) organising themselves, packing their own bag, knowing what is in it and where everything is, making their own decisions on what clubs to use, making mistakes and then learning from them. 

So much to do and know when learning to play golf and allowing children the opportunity to be in charge of this process is key to their long term engagement and enjoyment.

Let me know what you think…

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