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Let them…

By Neil Plimmer | 26 January 2020

If you are going to take your child onto the golf course it is less about what they SHOULD do and more about what we LET THEM do, here are a few of our thoughts/ideas… Let them… …make up the rules, break the rules, make up different scoring formats and challenges. …cheat! – we often impose adult rules/values on children too soon, so what might be cheating for an adult…

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What do children of different ages look like when playing golf?

By Neil Plimmer | 19 January 2020

The many ways children (especially those aged 3-7) will hold the club and move the ball from A to B… …one handed …dribble (hockey style) …ball in front (croquet style) …back handed …split handed …drag …tap, tap, tap, tap And so on… We have seen LOTS of different ways (sure there are new ones we will see this year) The main point is all of these unique ways of attempting…

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A JOLF Coaches Promise

By Neil Plimmer | 12 January 2020

A JOLF coach will do LOTS of different things and will wear MANY different hats, our job is so much more than making sure children hold the club correctly and point their feet in the correct direction (if that is actually true anyway, to be explored in further blogs!!!) A JOLF coach will… …connect with children, parents/guardians and will continue to learn to be a better coach …provide children and…

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JOLFer to GOLFer

By Neil Plimmer | 05 January 2020

Our JOLFer to GOLFer programme offers children (and parents/guardians, coaches, teachers) a framework of learning to guide and support them to play more golf, learn and compete. Ultimately with the aim of children being able to play on a BIG golf course unassisted. To what standard and skill level will very much depend on how much they play and develop. And in some ways we are less concerned with how…

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The Things that Make Us Tick – Our Golden Rules, Values, Principles & Elements

By Neil Plimmer | 19 December 2019

What to write for my first blog post??? It would seem only fitting that I start this with an explanation of what we do, why and how we do things. It will come as no surprise that GOLF is what we do, but that now is just a part of what we feel we now offer. JOLF has continued to evolve and develop since Jonathan Shipstone and I sat down…

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The JOLF Man Blog Cometh!

By Neil Plimmer | 04 December 2019

“The JOLF man” is what the vast majority of children and staff in schools call me, so it seemed appropriate to use it as the name for our blog! During our time in schools and golf clubs we see, hear and experience so many different things, we wanted to share them. We will use this blog to share our experiences, observations, thoughts and ideas around coaching children golf and anything…

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