What do children of different ages look like when playing golf?

DIFFERENT – all of them will look VERY different!!!

The many ways children (especially those aged 3-7) will hold the club and move the ball from A to B…

…one handed

…dribble (hockey style)

…ball in front (croquet style)

…back handed

…split handed


…tap, tap, tap, tap

And so on…

We have seen LOTS of different ways (sure there are new ones we will see this year)

The main point is all of these unique ways of attempting the task are very normal behaviour for children of this age/stage picking up a club for the first time. And in our opinion we (coaches, teachers, parents, guardians) should allow them to try lots of different ways. Rather than imposing a certain grip, stance, movement or technique on them. They will not do this forever!!! They will grow and develop and explore and create lots of new, unique and effective ways to do it. Let them explore and let them play, plenty of time for them to develop technique and do it “properly” (if there is such a thing in golf) as they grow.

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