JOLFer to GOLFer

Our JOLFer to GOLFer programme offers children (and parents/guardians, coaches, teachers) a framework of learning to guide and support them to play more golf, learn and compete. Ultimately with the aim of children being able to play on a BIG golf course unassisted. To what standard and skill level will very much depend on how much they play and develop. And in some ways we are less concerned with how good children are, but totally dedicated in the aim of providing them with the opportunity to play, learn and compete.

JOLFer – a child (normally aged 4-11, but age is no barrier to learning and engagement so we regularly see children younger and older) who start playing golf in school or at a golf club and need assistance and support from an adult (adult/guardian, coach, teacher) to play. Much of their play will be games designed to develop knowledge/skills of areas of the game, they will also have the opportunity to play on modified golf courses (these could be on a school field, practice ground of a golf club, they are shorter length courses that are appropriate to their skills level and safe places for them to learn and develop.

GOLFer – a child of any age that is able to play unassisted on a BIG golf course. They can carry/push/pull their own golf bag, choose their own golf clubs, make their own decisions and have the skills/knowledge to play safely, sensibly and fairly on their own and with others. They may be in a position (if they choose) to keep score, play by the rules, join a golf club, gain a handicap, play in competitions, play with people they do not know, play on different types of courses and all the other amazing things that come with being a GOLFer. Ultimately enjoying themselves as they play, learn and compete.

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