Children need time and space…

A fascinating experience today in one of our JOLF PE sessions.

A child took over 2 minutes to complete one of our challenges (we often ask children to have one turn and then swap over with their partner) it was a tricky challenge that asked her to chip a ball through a small hoop into a hoop. She would not give and was totally determined to complete the task (in her own way and on her terms) All of this whole her partners were patiently waiting for her!!!

Such an interesting experience to observe…

So often after short period of time I (or another adult) might have said “ok now, stop, and let one of your friends have a turn) In this instance I am sure the child might have lost her temper and disengaged (she has shown this behaviour in previous sessions, and in the classroom, her teacher told me)

Her teacher and I spoke, as we watched her play, and made a decision to let her carry on. All worth it in the end to see her face after she competed the task. Although her partners had to wait for her, they were very patient!!!

Made me think…

We want, and encourage, children to persevere, keep trying, figure things out for themselves build resilience, embrace failure and so on.


Do we actually allow them the TIME and SPACE to do all of this??? 

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