A child’s first golf club

A child’s* first golf club should be a driver and they should use 1 club for as long as possible.

Why a driver??? We have a number of thoughts why…

…it is the lightest club, so therefore will be easiest to move, control and swing fast.

…it has the biggest face.

…it is multi use. Use it from the ground, off a tee, you can putt with it.

…hitting the ball along the ground is easier to do than trying to get in the air.

…less choice (and therefore confusion) over what club to use. And no need for a golf bag.

…children can get used to changing the size and speed of their movement to control the distance the ball goes.

…learn about the game first without the extra complexity (and sometimes confusion) of using different clubs.

…it makes a great sound

…children LOVE whacking it!!

Their second club should be a sand iron and this should be added when they need/want to hit over stuff. Third club should be a putter.

* when talking about a child here we are mostly referring to children that are aged 3-6 and just starting the game. But it may have some relevance for older children and even adults.

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