A JOLF Coaches Promise

A JOLF coach will do LOTS of different things and will wear MANY different hats, our job is so much more than making sure children hold the club correctly and point their feet in the correct direction (if that is actually true anyway, to be explored in further blogs!!!)

A JOLF coach will…

…connect with children, parents/guardians and will continue to learn to be a better coach

…provide children and their families with fun, engaging and appropriate experiences.

…ensure they play safely, sensibly and fairly

…create pathways from school to home to golf club.

…set up tasks using different tools/clubs to develop skills and technique.

…develop flight and strike of the ball and move in lots of different ways.

…arrange for them to play, learn and compete.

A JOLF coach promises to…

…make every child and their family feel welcome.

…help children become better golfers.

…start sessions on time.

…set up interesting and engaging games/challenges.

…encourage children to think for themselves.

…answer all questions and queries.

…be interested in how children are getting on and with what they are doing.

…always be ready and willing to help.

…will work hard to improve what they do.

…talk to parents and family members about how their child is getting on.

…and discuss with parents and family members ways they can help you improve

And the list continues…

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