What if lockdown was a round of golf? The final 2 holes – will there be a playoff???

Hole 17&18

As we move into the final stretch of the 18 holes this is where the pressure would really begin to build, but our 4 ball continues to take things in our stride. We seem to have got used to the rhythm of the course. As mentioned, a course that continues to look the same on every hole! That doesn’t stop us from each playing our own game as we played the final 2 holes. Everyone keeping their golf ball in play and making good scores. Each of us has a wobble and a mis struck shot occasionally but that doesn’t mean it ruins our hole. Something for us all to learn when we move from this tournament and return to regular playing. 

So it looks like there will be a playoff in this tournament. The Plimmer family have decided to forgo the playoff and just continue on this course playing for enjoyment. It would seem that no one in this competition knows how long it will go on for! Will there ever be a winner? Maybe just time to enjoy the experience…

What have I/we learned on this 18 hole tournament round…

  1. Time is a commodity that we have to use wisely.
  2. We are in a competition with no one else, possibly just ourself? And if that is the case can there be a winner? 
  3. Everyone is playing their own “competition” and need to look out for themselves and their nearest and dearest first, but that should not necessarily be at the expense of regularly checking in with others. And appreciating everyone else. 
  4. It is amazing how much satisfaction can come from the very simple things in life. 
  5. Things need to be kept in perspective because things that are very much out of our control can (and do) have a massive influence on our lives.

The list will continue to grow I am sure, watch this space…

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