Today we Launch our JOLF Club

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our JOLF Club. This has been in our thoughts for the last 18 months and lockdown has provided us with the opportunity to develop the idea. 

During lockdown we have tried to use our time wisely and take stock of JOLF and all we offer across schools, in the community and at golf clubs.  It has been a very interesting process!  We continue to be committed to delivering fun, engaging and appropriate experiences for children inclusive of all ages and abilities. There have always been, and always will be, a wide offering for children to learn to play golf at golf clubs with many coaching programs in place for all ages. But we feel there is very little opportunity for children to access and play on golf courses in the very early stages of their golfing journey, and even less opportunity for children to play golf with their families within a comfortable, affordable and perhaps more than anything accessible environment. For this reason from this point on we will not be running any weekly coaching sessions, instead we will change our focus to providing access, opportunity, support and guidance for children and families to PLAY golf! 

We feel that there is a huge opportunity to create a platform for children and their families to play golf together regularly that is affordable and accessible to all and we truly believe that regular PLAY will lead to a long term love for the game for everyone.  Coaching can, and should, still form part of children’s development but we feel as it stands today the balance is not right. With our focus on playing golf we will address this balance and provide children and families with lots of opportunities to get out and play! 

Benefits of JOLF club membership – to sign up  

  • Join and be part of our community – Meet, socialise and PLAY.
  • Access and opportunity to PLAY on course – We will host a variety of playing experiences at a number of venues. Plus we will also be organising a number of Pop up Secret golf event.
  • Ask “The JOLF Man” – We know golf, children and families – Let us support you, ask us anything!
  • JOLFer to GOLFer – Guidance and support with starting your journey from new JOLFer to independent GOLFer
  • FFFF: Family Friendly Facility Finder – We will build a directory of facilities where you will be able to enjoy playing golf as a family.
  • JOLF Shop – Purchase equipment and products from our trusted suppliers and organisations.

To join our JOLF Club and please pass this information on to your friends who you feel may also want to be involved.

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