The Things that Make Us Tick – Our Golden Rules, Values, Principles & Elements

What to write for my first blog post??? It would seem only fitting that I start this with an explanation of what we do, why and how we do things.

It will come as no surprise that GOLF is what we do, but that now is just a part of what we feel we now offer. JOLF has continued to evolve and develop since Jonathan Shipstone and I sat down in 2011 and came up with the initial concept. That now makes us 8 years old which would mean we would be in year 4. So still learning and exploring as we go!!! Just like an 8 year old child would be doing in primary school.

Whatever we are doing, wherever we are and whoever we are working with our aim is to provide children in schools with a fun, engaging and appropriate first experience of golf and excite & enthuse them to search out further opportunities to play more, learn and compete.

Much of time nowadays is in primary schools and we offer them whole school play golf experience days, these give every child in the school from reception to year 6 the opportunity to play on our GolfParc on their school field, playground or hall. We aim to provide children with a positive first experience of the game of golf and then further opportunities to play more golf, learn and compete. These follow on opportunities are in many different forms, to include, JOLF PE, weekend sessions and holiday camps. As well as guidance for teachers/parents/guardians to allow them to support children play.

We are constantly reviewing and critiquing the experiences we offer and this lead us to begin to formulate our values, principles and elements. These are the things that we consider in our planning, delivery and review of every session and experience that we organise. In further blogs I will go into more details, but for now I will introduce you to the heart beat of what we offer…

GOLDEN RULES – Listen, Play Safely, Play Sensibly, Play Fairly (to be demonstrated and upheld by all children and adults equally)

VALUES Passion & Pride, Respect, Honesty, Self belief, Teamwork, Determination (This list will continue to grow and develop)

Principles & Elements

PEOPLE – Children, parent/guardian, coach/teacher

EXPERIENCE – Fun, engaging, appropriate

EXPECTATIONS – Safe, sensible, fair

ENVIRONMENT – School, home, golf club

THE GAME OF GOLF – Task, tool, technique/skills

THE GOLF SWING – Flight, strike, movement

OPPORTUNITIES – Play, learn, compete

In further blog posts I will go into more detail about our rules, values, principles and elements as well as talk about how we see them work in the real world.

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